Capture the Colour- Italian Style

Capture the Colour!

I was recently nominated by Wagoner’s Abroad to submit my photos to the Capture the Colour Photo Contest for 2013, put on by Travel Supermarket. The perimeters were simple; share your travel photos that capture the colours of  Blue, Green, White, Yellow, and Red. I invite you to view the other contest submissions as well, there is nothing like viewing the world through a traveler’s eyes.

In searching through my collection of photos to find my own contributions, I chose to go with the emotional side. Each one of these photographs captures a moment that I consider significant in my travels. It isn’t simply a colour, each represents a personal experience.

Blue- peace

My kids and I spent this past summer in Italy. My usually wild and crazy five year old became quite a different person when he got into the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean. He would spend hours every day exploring the reefs and all the sea life off Giglio Island. This child, who rarely leaves my side, finally found his independence. My Pax, found his peace.

Capture the Color- Blue

Green- breath

As the sun began to set, after a chilly swim in a nearby lake, my daughter was in need of a little extra warmth. She threw on my dress and went for a walk through the lush vineyard. As I watched her walk away from me, it was one of those moments where, as a mother, you literally have to catch your breath.

Capture the color- Green

White- harmony

This photograph was captured in the etherial Sant’Antimo abbey near Montalcino in Tuscany. With perfect Romanesque architecture, the beauty of this abbey impacts all who enter.

After a break of more than 500 years, a small community of 8 canons live and pray at Sant’Antimo. If you are lucky enough to arrive at just the right time, you will be treated to the spellbinding Gregorian chants. After several visits to the abbey, this time, I was just that lucky. The haunting and harmonious sounds left a permanent spiritual imprint on my soul that day.

Capture the color- White



























Yellow- spirit

Siena is known to house one of the finest examples of Italian Gothic architecture in the Cathedrale di Santa Maria, better known as Siena’s Duomo. It is the smaller churches that live in the shadows of the Duomo that often get overlooked.

Last summer, I witnessed, for the first time, the Palio horse race in Siena. A high item on my bucket list, it was an experience every Italian visitor should witness. It was in this neighborhood church, after the Valdimontone had won the race for the first time in over 25 years, that I truly felt just how important this tradition was to the Sienese people.


Red- passion

For so many, Italy is a representation of the purest of passion. There is not much more Italian than the Fiat 500! People are so passionate about this car, they report having physical symptoms when they see one. While I do not necessarily feel the heart palpations as others have, I do have such a fondness for this quirky little ride. The red gem you see here was the first one I ever rode in, 3 years ago. It was during a visit to Guido Gualandi’s villa with my children. It would be my first non-tourist excursion in Italy and one of the first moments I fell in love with this beautiful country.

Capture the color- Red

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I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say in any other way- things I had no words for.

Georgia O’Keeffe 

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  1. Heidi Wagoner October 3, 2013 at 2:48 PM #

    Luarel, these are all just gorgeous! Well done. Good luck to you in the contest.

  2. Jenna October 3, 2013 at 11:29 PM #

    Thanks so much for the nomination!! I love your photos and the descriptions you provided. I hadn’t heard of Sant’Antimo but have it on my list now. I love Romanesque churches…San Miniato al Monte is one of my favorite churches in Italy!

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